Marine Canvas, Upholstery and Full Antique /Classic Boat Restoration

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Restoring Passion Back Into Your Boat

Restoring Passion Back Into Your Boat

Restoring Passion Back Into Your BoatRestoring Passion Back Into Your BoatRestoring Passion Back Into Your Boat


Bimini Tops


A Bimini provides essential UV protection for boaters, as well as shelter from passing rain clouds. Designed to fold away easily into a boot for storage, we fabricate your Bimini to be sturdy and secure whether folded or in use. Our fit and finish ensure there won't be any "bird bath" puddling on the top. 



An enclosure makes such a difference in extending the season for a power or sailboat. Whether keeping out the cold, or protecting the boaters from nasty little bugs, the versatility of an enclosure is well worth the investment.

We design and fabricate a system that works for how you want to use your boat, and also enhances the look of the boat. Side and back curtains roll up or are removable and can have screens incorporated to allow air circulation. We have a variety of ways to install your system, but prefer the look, convenience and durability of a rope groove track when possible. Not only do the curtains slide on and off the boat with ease, the messy look and struggle with snaps is a thing of the past. 

Bow & Cockpit Covers


We design and fabricate custom cockpit and bow covers to meet you and your boat needs. Our fabricators have the expertise to design covers from the simple to the complex of covers for that unique wake boat with a high-tech tower. Whether it’s a new one cover or a replacement for a weathered or torn cover we can quickly get you back on the water.

Storage and Travel Covers


We design and fabricate covers to meet the needs of our clients boating needs. Our travel covers are designed and fitted to eliminate flutter which causes damage to your boats finish. Our Storage covers are designed with materials for the climate that you reside in.

Antique & Classic Boat Interior Upholstery


Our upholstery and canvas shop is well suited to design and fabricate your interior for your antique or classic wood boat. We also can restore or fabricate a top for your boat that fits its character. We have the skills sets and expertise to work on both soft and hard tops.

Boats with Towers


We can design a custom cover for your wake/surf/ski boat that is unique to your boat. Our covers are easy to install while providing the latest in material and design fare.



We provide the following for sail boats including , hand leathered helm, wheels and grab bars, sail, tonneau, winch, companionway, Jib, flybridge, instrument storage, wheel, hatch & binnacle covers, weather curtains, chair, table, fender, motor, console & instrument covers.

Pontoon Boats


Today’s pontoon boats are not what they use to be they are advance party, fishing and family fun boats. We can custom design a bimini, cover or full enclosure that will set you aside from everyone else. If you just need a replacement due to weather or wear and tear, we can meet your needs.  

Marine Carpet and Flooring


We can provide you with state-of-the -art flooring material which you now see on today’s boats. We also can replace the carpet in you boat to provide years of use without the need to think its time to get rid of the boat. Let us help you figure out what flooring material best meets your needs.

Upholstery Miscellaneous


  •    Custom Winter Covers, Mooring or Travel Covers
    •    Tee Top, laced or no-lace
    •    Navy Top and Enclosures
    •    Convertible Top
    •    Mast Boots
    •    Window Covers
    •    Awning Systems
    •    Cockpit Cushions
    •    Camper Enclosures
    •    Privacy Curtains
    •    Complete Custom Interiors

Cleaning Care For Marine Canvas


What We Recommend

No matter who fabricated the canvas on your boat, regular care and cleaning will extend the life of your investment. We can recommend the proper cleaning agents and techniques, or provide full cleaning, repair and storage of your canvas, it's up to you. 


Keeping your boat canvas clean is the best cure for preventing mildew. Solution-dyed acrylic does not promote mildew growth. However, mildew may grow on dirt & other foreign substances that are not removed from the fabric. 

To clean mildew stains, prepare a mild solution of one cup bleach and two capfuls of natural soap per gallon of water. Spray on entire area and allow to soak in. If necessary, scrub vigorously with a sponge or clean rag. Sponge thoroughly with clean water & air dry.

FOR MORE INFORMATION visit the Sunbrella website

After a few seasons your canvas may need waterproofing which can restore the performance of your top to it's original. When it's time for waterproofing, the best type of sealant is a water-based product.
303 High Tech Fabric Guard restores lost water repellency and stain repellency to factory new levels. 303 High Tech Fabric Guard resists soiling, impedes mildew formation and helps protect against the sun's harmful UV rays.

303 High Tech Fabric Guard is powerful enough to protect fabrics in the harshest environment ... outdoors ... Yet safe enough for the finest fabrics. If you have any questions regarding 303 Fabric Guard, please contact us.


Stamoid should be cleaned of any dirt buildup at regular intervals (at least twice a year). 

We recommend applying a mild lukewarm soap solution, such as Simple Green Extreme mixed to a 1:15 ratio with a soft brush or sponge. Let the soap stand for a short period of time but do not allow the soap to dry. 

The fabric must then be carefully rinsed with clear water in order to remove any remaining soap residue. Allow the Stamoid to dry thoroughly, then reuse or fold and store. 

NOTE: The use of abrasive detergents and/or substances containing solvents or gasoline will damage the Stamoid coating and/or fabric. DO NOT WASH THIS MATERIAL IN A WASHING MACHINE OR DRY IN A DRYER.

Strataglass and O'Sea

These are both pressed polished vinyl and must never be cleaned with a product that contains ammonia or silicone. Never handle or touch the glass with sunscreen on your hands. When storing, place paper or soft fabric between the panels so they don’t stick together. If at all possible, store hanging vertically or lying flat. 

We recommend using microfiber towels for a streak free result and no scratching. Proper maintenance of your clear vinyl windows will pay off by extending the flexibility and clarity of your glass. 

Recommended products for short and long term maintenance are: Imar Strataglass Cleaner and Polish, available from or Permanon Boat. 

We are proud to be a licensed distributor of Permanon boat products and would be happy to discuss which products suit your needs best..

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